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Caisse d'Allocations familiales

Student housing aid

You have found your apartment. Apply for housing aid online on our website :!


1. Take with you :

  • your housing agreement ;
  • your bank details ;
  • your asset declaration if you have some.



2. Go online on, click on « Mes services en ligne/Faire une demande de prestation » and let us guide you. Only 5 minutes needed !
You’re already a benefit recipient? Login to your account "Mon compte", click on "Simuler ou demander une prestation".

3. Finalize your application and send it to :

  • Espace Mon compte du, rubrique Mes démarches > Suivre mes démarches > A transmettre, ou via l’application mobile« "Caf-Mon compte" > Démarches > A transmettre ;
  •  Caf de Loire-Atlantique 22 rue de Malville 44937 Nantes cedex 9.

You will need to provide the following documentation :

  • for students in CROUS - run accommodation: the proof of address form filled by your landford ;
  • if you are an EU citizen: the proof of school enrolment, a copy of your European Health Insurance Card, your national ID card or passport and a statement that you have enough money to support yourself ;
  • if you are not an EU citizen: a copy of your valid residency permit, passport and birth certificate (original and French translation).


For more information 

  • Go on your account, click on « Contacter ma Caf »
    Use the mobile app Caf – Mon compte, click on « Contacter ma Caf »
    09 69 32 52 52 (free service, cost of a local call) Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm